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To carb or not to carb

As part of Karen’s fantastic idea for a DBlog week, day four’s topic is about carbs.

As I also have insulin resistance along with my T1 (best of both worlds!!), I have restricted my carb intake which usually ran over 200 a day to about 120 now.  This along, with Symlin, has helped me lose weight, reduce my insulin resistance and reduce the amount of insulin I need on a daily basis.

Symlin is an injectable drug that helps keep your glucose levels stable after meals by doing a couple of things.  First, it makes you feel like you have eaten enough much sooner that you would without it.  Secondly, it slows down the digestion of your foods for a couple of hours so you can avoid the after meal spikes in glucose levels. 

Of course there are trade-offs; the fact Symlin can make you nauseous seems to be the biggest for me, but I was able to get over the nausea after a few days.  The way it makes you feel full can make you stop eating before you’ve consumed all the carbs you just dosed for, so you have to watch for lows until you get used to it.

I’ve lost about 30 pounds since starting it, mostly because it helps me limit my portion sizes so I am just not eating as much.  And there is a trade-off here as well; as my weight dropped, I would hit a point where my insulin resistance and sensitivity would drastically change.  These changes would cause me to chase lows for a couple of days while I “re-tuned” my pump settings.  This point seems to occur every 5 pounds or so, annoying and frustrating, but worth it overall.  I am currently hovering right around one of those points so I am trying to loose a few more pounds to get to a somewhat more stable condition

Today’s snarky comment:  Please don’t interrupt me when I’m talking to myself.  It’s the only intelligent conversation I get most days.

  • Congrats to you on your weight loss. It sounds like it has taken a lot of discipline, not only with your menu, but with managing your insulin dosing as well. You have many intelligent conversations. I find you so often to be the voice of reason.

  • Thanks Lo, you and Caleb are in my thoughts often

  • Scott K. Johnson

    Hey Scott! I love the results of Symlin too, although I’ve not stuck with it consistently enough for me to lose any real weight. It seems like I get motivated to start using it, do it for a week or so, then get lazy/sick of the pricks/sick of feeling sick/whatever, then stop using it for a while. If I could stick with it and keep using it regularly, I think I would benefit much like you did. I know the pump tuning gets old pretty damn fast though. Nothing like running low all the time, right?!

  • congrat’s on shedding 30 lbs and having such a positive outlook on things. If you shed anymore weight I won’t recognize you the next time I see you.

  • Cherise, LOL… I think I’ve only lost about 5 since you saw me last…