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My Biggest Supporter

As part of Karen’s fantastic idea for a DBlog week, day three’s topic is about my biggest supporter.

That’s a really hard question to answer for me.  Until I discovered the DOC (Diabetes Online Community), I didn’t even realize that I actually needed support.

My folks grew up during the Great Depression, Dad was a WWII vet and mom was a WWII army wife.  Basically, when things happened, you just dealt with them, so that has been how I’ve approached my D for the last 40 years.  And that is not to say that my folks didn’t support me, it was just that it was an implicit support, not an explicit, overt type of support.

Also I didn’t know any other T1s.  I’ve literally met more diabetics in person during last six months (since WDD 2009) than I had in the previous 40 years.  Let alone all the online folks who have crossed my path.

This is going to be another short & sweet one. I would have to say my biggest supporter has been the DOC.

Todays snarky comment: Dude, seriously? Dude.

  • Where would we all be without the DOC. It’s interesting to hear you say you didn’t realize you needed support until you found the DOC. I felt that way too when I joined Twitter. I had no idea the jewel that was at the time. It’s opened up a world of support for me that I am so grateful to have. Thanks for being part of it Scott!

  • I have to second this sentiment. I thought we were doing just fine seeing our endo as scheduled and occasionally seeing the one family we knew with a T1 child.I was already very active online, but was amazed when I found this community, especially the other parents.And I didn’t even think about an insulin pump until I met Allison Blass and Kerri Sparling at BlogHer last year.And it was parents like Lorraine, Gail and Rachel on Twitter who really talked me through the process of starting the pump.The DOC is amazing!

  • Scott K. Johnson

    Ditto, Dr. Strange!

  • Dude. Way.