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Making the Low Go…

As part of  Karen’s fantastic idea for a DBlog week, day two’s topic is about treating lows.  Personally, my favorite treatment is mini-Snickers bars, but I’m not adverse to orange-flavored glucotabs either.

But the hard part about treating a low for me is realizing that I’m having a hypoglycemic incident.  I don’t have the classic symptoms anymore.  I have a CGMS and that helps immensly as it has allowed me to have instant feedback so that when I see a low number, I can make note how I feel, to retrain myself to recognize them.

About the only symptom that I have is that I will lose the ability to concentrate, which makes it hard to realize that I am like that when I am low.  So I basically, still have no symptoms, lol.  The worst ones are the ones I have when I am sleeping, I’ve regained consciousness a few times after having a severe low. 

The lack of concentration can also make getting some carbs a bit of a challenge.  If I’m low enough, I’ll walk in the kitchen and then just stand there.  I know I came in here for something, but what? 

My personal record low that I saw on my meter was a 29

So that’s the post for today, short and sweet…

Today’s snarky comment:  Please be quiet.  I’m hiding from the stupid people

  • It’s so scary if you don’t have symptoms. I’m sorry to hear about those severe lows. I’m glad CGM is helping.

  • Been there, done that … the hypo unawareness is the worst, except for having a Certified Diabetes Educator blame you for not recognizing symptoms which are non-existent (when that happens, its time to fire the CDE). I aim to have the AADE address why this is among the least covered topics in terms of training for CDE’s, which they as an organization can influence at the upcoming Roche Summit.

  • Night time is the worse for me too. Losing concentration is a number one sign during the day as well. But sometimes I’m just plain out right bored. LOL!Great post and I love, love, love the snarky comment for today!