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Diabetes and Fame

There have been quite a few celebrity diabetics in the news lately. The stories usually mention that they have diabetes and my usual response to that portion of the story is “so what?”. I wouldn’t vote for a someone simply because of their race, party affiliation, hometown or military record, so why should I vote […]

Survival of the …

I never really liked being called a “survivor of diabetes”. To me, survivor implies that it is over. You survive a fire, car crash, falling off your roof. As I wrote my last entry, A Bitter-Sweet Experience, I started thinking about the saddening stories that are so prevalent with diabetes.

People who didn’t discover their […]

A Bitter-Sweet Experience

This past Saturday, I was able to attend my first (yes, first) JDRF walk in Springfield, MO courtesy of the Ozark Chapter of the JDRF. This is only the second walk in Springfield, Jessica Hickock was the event organizer and got the whole ball rolling in the first place by actually founding the Ozark Chapter. […]

Advocacy and Me

As I become more and more involved with the DOC, I see alot of folks performing some great advocacy work in regards to fundraising. And as time goes on, I get more and more items of “writing letters for funding” or “contributing for the cure”. And while those are important things, I feel it’s a […]

To carb or not to carb

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As part of Karen’s fantastic idea for a DBlog week, day four’s topic is about carbs.

As I also have insulin resistance along with my T1 (best of both worlds!!), I have restricted my carb intake which usually ran over 200 a day to about […]