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An Understanding – Part III

As I wrote An Understanding – Part I and Part II, something kept bugging me. I felt like I was missing something, something so important but so trivial that I don’t even think of it anymore. I’d covered the daily thoughts, actions, questions and worries.


I think I very briefly mentioned in Part II […]

An Understanding – Part II

Last time I wrote An Understanding. That was a walk-thru for a pretty average day for me… Hmmm, let’s see… February 1970 to today is just about 14,700 days just like that one. In a row. No breaks, vacations or hiatus’s (hiatusi?) in there anywhere.

Granted, I didn’t worry as much about it when I […]

An Understanding – Part I

As a PWD (person with diabetes, Type 1 in my case), there are certain things that I do everyday without really even thinking about them. Having been diabetic since 1970, to me, anyway, diabetes is like having blue eyes and brown hair. It just is. Tho, thinking of it that way can cause issues because […]