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A prejudice by any other name, would still smell as foul

You know, I’ve always been pretty open with folks about my health issues, especially after I found all the great people in the DOC. I finally learned of one of my own biases, a prejudice if you will, that I had. That was, of course, the worthless “who has it worse” T1 v T2 argument.

What little I “knew” of T2 I had “learned” just like most people, from the media and the diabetes horror stories that everyone seems to know.  Coming into the DOC allowed me to see that bias for what it truly was, just plain old ignorance. Well, I am somewhat ashamed to say that I have found another one of those.

I have been uncomfortable talking about a condition I have recently developed and since I am usually pretty open with what is going on, I finally started to ask myself why. It is another bias, a prejudice that I had in me. I have essential tremors; my hands tend to shake when I try to do some things. It has become noticeable to others at times, but I guess it is what it is.

But, I had yet another prejudice: I felt that those tremors made me less of a person, less of a human, broken somehow. Why did I feel that way? I don’t about my D.  Was it simply because it was a “visible” condition, unlike diabetes and depression? I honestly don’t know the answer to that.

Even worse, that means I was thinking that way about others. I really don’t like this about myself, and I hope I can keep it in mind when I hear what others are going thru. As with any prejudice, admitting that I have it is a start, but I need to ask myself “If I was going thru that, would I be open about it?” If the answer is no, then I may very well have another bias coming into play.

I think is another instance of how media and cultural things can affect us and we don’t even know it. Hopefully, I can keep my mind open enough to realize this in the future.

Thanks to all of you

Today’s snarky comment: What do you mean, I need to basal test? I suppose you’re gonna tell me next that I need to change my lancet too.

  • I hate finding these little prejudices in myself. I hate finding the big ones even more. Thanks for the post.

  • Thanks for putting this in writing. As you can see – you are not alone. We all have them even if we don’t want to admit it. It is surprising what they can be sometimes. And when we discover them it often hurts. However, I do have a couple that I have found define me and as such may not always make me popular, but even though my daughter chides me about them, she says that is what makes me who I am.Thank you again for this post!

  • Scott K. Johnson

    One of the great things I’ve found about the DOC is that it has helped me better understand the challenges that others go through. I am thankful for that.