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A Strange Start

I’ve decided that I want to become more of an advocate, especially here in Kansas City.  It is estimated that there are around 250,000 diabetics in the Kansas City metro area and there just seems to be a roaring silence about it.  About the only time anything is heard about diabetes is during National Diabetes Month every November.  And while that is good, diabetes just doesn’t take the other 11 months off.

But how do I accomplish that?  I have no idea outside of cold-calling various organizations and hospitals.  I’ve been talking with one clinic off and on since December, but things just don’t seem to be moving very quickly, if at all.

How can I get started?  I know I can blog more, but I’m just not sure if I’ll actually be able to do more than one a week or so.  I am much better at face-to-face than electronic.

I would so greatly appreciate it if some of the very talented members of the DOC could help me out!

I need input, ideas, dirty tricks!

  • I am a fan of blog when you can so don’t feel pressure there. Maybe you could contact a hospital about a support group? Starting one would at least begin the process of getting other diabetic together and then maybe some networking and connections will come about. BTW I am soooo happy you started your own blog. I am adding you to my blogroll right now!

  • Thanks George!I’ll have to admit that I’m feeling a little out of my element in wanting to take on more of an advocacy role, though I imagine I’ll get used to it…Happy Birthday, BTW!

  • Hey Scott! Way to go, on pushing to take on more of an advocate role! I grew up diabetic and volunteered and advocated mostly through the JDRF and kids’ aspects earlier in life, but really hadn’t done much in my post-college years or once I moved from Michigan to Indianapolis. Just in the past year, I’ve gotten more – through JDRF chapter here, nationally through JDRF Advocacy, cold-emailing the local ADA rep, and a couple support groups in the Indy area. That might be best way to do it, through your Endo or even the JDRF that might have some resources to tap. Good luck!

  • Thanks Mike, looking at what the JDRF does, I’m not sure that advocacy is the right term for what I want to do… maybe mentoring is the right one, I am much more interested in working with other diabetics

  • I’m with George – starting an in-person support group would be a great way to get the PWDs in your community interacting, and face-to-face always trumps online. :)Maybe your local ADA or JDRF (or hospital?) has a group already started that you could crash?

  • Scott has a blog! Hurray!

  • Kerri, I’ve been talking with a local education center here about working with a group transitioning from high school to college, work, etc since December, but nothing seems to really be happening. Tho, something like that might be more active during the summer monthsHi Sara!

  • I haven’t ever organized one, but community support groups are great. Good luck with this.

  • Scott K. Johnson

    Ditto what the others have said. Like G-Money, I’m a fan of “blog when you can”, so don’t worry about when and how often you post. I was once a member of a group that was not affiliated with any groups or doctors or hospitals or brands. It was fantastic. When you align with some organizations it often taints the flavor of the group. But it can be hard to find a place that people feel safe & comfortable coming to without aligning with someone. Catch 22 man.